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We specialize in brokering premium domain names featuring keywords relevant to electrical apparatus, training, engineering, testing, commissioning, safety, consulting, maintenance, test equipment, measurement, and more!

3 Reasons to Invest in a Domain

Your internet domain is more than just an address; it’s your digital identity. It serves as a powerful branding tool, providing a gateway for customers and visitors to access your products and services anytime, anywhere.

Securing the right domain name for your business is akin to acquiring prime real estate. A strong domain attracts potential customers to your website organically, thereby reducing advertising costs.

Here are the top three reasons why investing in a premium domain is essential for your company:

1. Better Advertising and Branding

Brandable domains are distinctive and more captivating than conventional ones. Due to their generic nature, potential customers are more inclined to explore sites like TanDeltaTesting.com rather than ABCTestCompany.com.

Owning a domain name related to the products and services you offer provides a strong and consistent message to your customers. You can significantly improve your visibility on the internet by using a premium domain name that contains generic keywords or phrases descriptive of your products and/or services.

Using an alternative extension adds a unique flair to your domain and helps you stand out in an otherwise crowded online landscape. Refer to the TLD list for more details.

2. Shortcut Your Content

Owning a new domain doesn't mean changing your existing website name; you just create shortcuts to your website. By bypassing search results, you make it easier for people to find your content by forwarding premium domains to your most important web pages.


  • Fowarding to a "product-specific" or "service-specific" page on your main domain.
  • Pointing to your main domain.
  • Directing to your social media accounts.

mycompany.com/content/transformer-dga-services <- TransformerDGA.com

mycompany.com/resources/what-is-tan-delta <- TanDeltaTest.com

mycompany.com/products/switchgear-partial-discharge/ <- SwitchgearPD.com

mycompany.com/services/transformer-retrofill-services/ <- Retrofill.Me

linkedin.com/company/mycompany <- HealthySubstation.com

hardtoremember.com <- SubstationSystems.com

Setting up domain aliasing and domain forwarding is straightforward. Once the domain is transferred to your account, you can configure the necessary records in under 20 minutes.

3. Strengthen Your Presence

Owning several domain names prevents lost traffic and allows you to cut short the reach of your competition. By diversifying your domain portfolio, you're essentially securing valuable digital assets that contribute to your brand's overall strength.

Any increase in value not only safeguards your investment but also opens up opportunities for potential future monetization. As your domain names gain traction and visibility, they become sought-after digital real estate, positioning your brand as a formidable player in your industry.

How Much Is a Domain Really Worth?

To gauge the potential value a domain name brings to your business, begin by estimating the worth of acquiring one new customer, factoring in its lifetime residual value and the referrals it might generate.

Multiply this figure by the potential number of new customers your new premium domain name could attract, including those from keyword search engine traffic.

Consider the Following:

If each customer holds a lifetime value of $500 and your domain name draws in 200 new customers over your company's lifespan, then the domain's contribution to your business would total $100,000.

Even if your relevant domain name attracts 2,000 new customers, each valued at only $50 over their lifetime, you'd still arrive at the same $100,000.00 contribution.

Furthermore, a premium domain name is likely to retain its resale value and, in all likelihood, increase in value over time.

Domain Extensions Have Meaning

The meaning behind domain extensions have changed over the years, and top-level domains are now being used in a variety of different ways. Choosing the right top-level domain (TLD) can make all the difference in reinforcing your brand identity, establishing authority, and driving business growth.


The ".com" extension is primarily designated for any generic commercial businesses and remains the most widely recognized and credible domain extension.


The '.net' extension is particularly suited for businesses offering services such as networking and collaboration tools.


Once intended for nonprofit websites, the '.org' extension is now open to broader use. Its well-established status can help convey a sense of longevity and stability for a brand.


In the computing world, "IO" or "I/O" commonly stands for "input/output," representing the transfer of data between devices or systems. This domain extension holds significant value, particularly in the protection and automation sector, where seamless data exchange and control are the main focus.


In electrical construction, "Cx" is an abbreviation for commissioning, which is a systematic process that verifies that all systems work together as intended.


The '.cloud' extension is a generic top-level domain (TLD) commonly used by companies offering cloud-based services or software. With the increasing prevalence of digital substations, automation, and microgrids, there are numerous branding opportunities available for this extension.

Domain Hacks

A domain hack is a creative way of using an alternative extension (like .me, .us, .sh, etc.) to spell out a word or phrase that forms part of the overall website address. It's a playful and clever technique that can make a domain name more memorable and interesting.

They're the most rare domains because finding the perfect combination to spell an exact word or phrase can be challenging. But when done right, they can make your domain name shorter and more catchy. Take "ArcFlash.com" for example, compared to "ArcFla.sh"

Frequently Asked Questions

When acquiring a premium domain name, payment can be made using all major payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Bitcoin through our marketplace network. Both Buy Now and Lease to Own (LTO) options are available in most cases.

Rest assured, we utilize the most trusted domain brokers in the market to ensure swift and secure delivery of your domain.

With the Buy Now option, transferring ownership typically takes less than a week after payment confirmation. As the new registrant of the domain, you'll have full control over all aspects, including DNS settings and contacts.

You pay a one-time fee, and the domain remains under your control indefinitely. However, there's an ongoing annual registration fee, typically ranging from $15 to $50, depending on the domain extension and the registration company you transfer to.

Still Have Questions?

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